Oncologist-Recommended Tests To Diagnose Oral Cancer

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Oncologist-Recommended Tests To Diagnose Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer that affects millions of people around the world each year. It can be caused by a variety of factors, such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, excessive sun exposure and certain viruses. 

Being the Best Cancer Hospital in Pune, we always emphasise that early detection of oral cancer is essential to improve the chances of successful treatment. However, detecting oral cancer in its early stages can be difficult and many patients are unaware of the disease until it reaches an advanced stage. This is why it is important to know the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and to seek medical advice as early as changes or abnormalities are detected. 

With advances in technology, more accurate methods for detecting oral cancer in its early stages are being developed, which can help improve patient outcomes. If you’re concerned about oral cancer, seek consultation from the Best Oncologist in Pune. They may recommend a variety of tests to diagnose the condition. Here are some of the most common tests used to diagnose oral cancer that you must know. 

1) Dental Examination 

A Dental Examination is an important tool in the detection and diagnosis of oral cancer. During a dental exam, the dentist will visually and manually inspect your mouth, gums, and teeth for any abnormalities or signs of cancer. Your dentist will also ask you questions about your lifestyle and habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, which could put you at risk for developing oral cancer. By undergoing a dental exam regularly, you can ensure that any signs of abnormal tissue growth are identified early on so that treatment can begin quickly if necessary.

2) Oral Biopsy

During Oral Biopsy, tissue samples are taken from the abnormal areas of the mouth. The samples are then examined by a pathologist under a microscope to identify any presence or absence of cancer cells. With the help of biopsy, doctors can accurately diagnose oral cancers in their early stages. Additionally, this procedure can also help determine the stage of cancer and its aggressiveness so that treatment plans can be tailored accordingly. You can consult the Best Cancer Specialist in Pune (available at Galaxy Care Hospital) for further treatment.

3) CT Scan

CT Scans are one of the most commonly used oral cancer tests as they can provide detailed information about the shape, size, and extend of tumours in the mouth and throat area. CT scans are also used to identify any secondary changes that may have occurred as a result of the tumour, such as swelling or inflammation.

4) MRI

MRI is a non-invasive imaging technique that can help identify tumors, cysts and other abnormalities without subjecting patients to invasive procedures or radiation treatments. It can provide detailed images of the entire mouth, including the salivary glands and tongue. It also can provide detailed images of soft tissue, and excellent contrast resolution makes it a valuable tool for diagnosing and staging oral cancers.

5) Panendoscopy

Panendoscopy is an important diagnostic tool for oral cancer. It is a procedure that combines the use of a panoramic X-ray and endoscopy to evaluate the entire mouth and throat area for signs of oral cancer. By combining these two imaging techniques, doctors can get a detailed view of the entire oral cavity and detect any abnormalities or early signs of cancer. Panendoscopy can also be used to monitor any changes in existing tumours or to assess the effectiveness of treatment.

The Bottom Line

Are you concerned about your oral health? Early detection of oral cancer can be a life saviour for you. At Galaxy Care Hospital, the Best Cancer Hospital in Pune, we use the latest technology to detect oral cancer in its early stages. Our Cancer Specialist in Pune is well-trained and experienced in providing personalised care to every patient. We have helped thousands of patients detect and treat their oral cancer in time. Get in touch with us today and be sure that your oral health is in the best hands.

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