Preventive Measures For Oral Cancer

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Preventive Measures For Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is becoming a growing health concern in India. Our country has one of the highest oral cancer incidence rates in the world. Oral cancers are caused by prolonged use of tobacco in the form of chewable tobacco, cigarettes, chewable betelnuts, and other substances that promote oral irritation. Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection can also cause cancers of the back of the throat (oropharynx). Thus, it can affect any part of the oral cavity, including the tongue, lips, cheeks, gums, the floor of the mouth, tonsils, etc.

Many people with oral cancer do not know that they have it until they experience some pain or change. Others may find out when their dentist discovers a suspicious lesion during a routine exam. Some signs and symptoms can help identify whether someone has oral cancer or not. Some signs include persistent sore throat or mouth ulcers for more than 2 weeks without improvement, bleeding from a wound in the mouth, changes in speech or swallowing, hoarseness, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc. 

Preventive Measures For Oral Cancer

At Galaxy Care Hospital, the best cancer hospital in Pune, we treat many oral cancer cases every day. We feel lack of oral care is something that promotes oral cancer. People need more education and awareness about oral hygiene to improve their oral health and prevent oral cancer at the earliest stage. Here are some tips recommended by dentists and oral cancer specialists that everyone can follow to prevent oral cancer. Let’s get into the details.

  • Keep a check on your oral health

It is important to visit your dentist regularly and get a professional check-up done to detect any signs of oral cancer early on. If you notice any changes in your teeth or gums, contact your dentist immediately for treatment. They will be able to guide you regarding the initial symptoms and may suggest the best cancer treatment in Pune. 

  • Brush and floss regularly

Brushing your teeth and flossing regularly is essential for maintaining oral health. It can prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer. Make it a habit to brush two times a day and floss once a day. It’s not just about preventing it – it’s about finding out if you have it early on and when treatment is most effective. 

  • Quit the use of Tobacco

The use of tobacco is harmful to health. It is one of the strongest reasons behind oral cancer. To reduce the risk of getting oral cancer, you must avoid smoking and chewing tobacco altogether. There are ways to do this without feeling like you’re giving up on tobacco all of a sudden. Nicotine flavour chewing gums can help you get rid of the addiction soon. 

  • Self-examination once a month

Self-examination is a simple and effective way to detect oral cancer at the initial stage. Examine your complete mouth at least once or twice a month. You can simply look into the mirror and examine your mouth for any unusual changes or lumps near your teeth or gums. If you feel unusual sensations or pain in your mouth, maybe it’s time to consult a dentist who can further help understand the risk of oral cancer for you and recommend the best oncologist in Pune or your city. 

  • Lower your risk of HPV

As mentioned earlier, HPV causes a sexually transmitted disease and can also lead to oral cancer. There are many ways to lower your risk of HPV, including taking the HPV vaccine to protect yourself, using condoms and limiting the number of sexual partners.

  • Protect your lips from the sun

The UV sun rays are harmful to your skin, including your lips. So, you need to take care of your lips and protect them from the sun. It also helps prevent oral cancer by keeping your lips healthy and free from infection. Wear lip balm or sunscreen on your lips and cover them with a scarf or mask. 

The Bottom Line

Preventing oral cancer starts with knowing self-examination steps, seeing a dentist for regular oral health checkups and having healthy habits like eating well, avoiding tobacco consumption, and more. As the best cancer hospital, we highly recommend consulting the best cancer specialist in Pune if you see any signs and symptoms of Oral Cancer. Fortunately, this type of cancer shows signs in most cases. Do not avoid it, come to Galaxy Care Hospital for accurate cancer diagnosis, treatment, and comprehensive cancer care. 

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