Tips for choosing the Best Cancer Hospital in Pune

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Tips for choosing the Best Cancer Hospital in Pune

You can be a victim of cancer or survivor of cancer. It’s about your mindset.

From the moment cancer is diagnosed, most patients feel they are marked for a life of uncertainty. They constantly worry about how their life will change from there on. Being the best cancer hospital in Pune, we meet such patients every day and we understand the scare associated with Cancer. After all, it’s hard to accept the fact that you are a cancer patient now. 

Despite so much going on, we feel cancer diagnosis is also the time you must act fast and think of the next big step- choosing the best Oncologist and Cancer Hospital for successful and timely treatment. There are many factors that can influence your treatment- be it physical, emotional, or financial. So, here are some tips that you must keep in mind while finding the cancer hospital and best oncologist in Pune or other cities. 

 Tips for choosing the Best Cancer Hospital in Pune

  • Find the best oncologist

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with different types of cancer diagnosis, treatments, and recovery. You must find the best oncologist for your particular cancer. You must connect to a lung cancer specialist if you’ve been diagnosed with it. At Galaxy Care Hospital, we have a team of the best oncologists and surgeons to cater to different types of cancer. If you are from Pune or nearby cities, our hospital will most likely be a convenient option for your cancer treatment and care.

Key questions that patients need to ask their oncologist

  • What are my treatment options?
  • What are the potential risks and benefits of each option?
  • What are the chances of treatment success in my case?
  • When will the treatment be completed?
  • What should I expect during and after cancer treatment?
  • Look for the best cancer hospital Once you find the oncologist, he/she will most likely recommend to you the hospitals where they provide consultations. It could be their own hospital or multiple hospitals they visit. As a patient, it is crucial for you to make a wise decision. A good cancer hospital should provide state-of-the-art cancer care, different treatment options such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and the latest surgical technologies such as Laparoscopy, Robotic Surgery. Hospitals’ cancer recovery and success rate is also an important factor to consider.

Highlights of Galaxy Care Hospital

  •  Specialised in Laparoscopic & Robotic Cancer Surgeries in India
  •  Dedicated Operation Theatres
  •  Best Oncologists & Onco Surgeons
  •  Diagnostics & Radiology Department
  •  ICU & Emergency Care
  •  Suite & Private Rooms
  •  Comprehensive Patient Care
  • Availability of surgeons/ services 24×7

It’s better to know how far your home is from the hospital and how long it will take to get there. However, we suggest avoiding compromising on quality cancer treatment due to distance. If you can manage, consider shifting near the hospital for the time being and get the best cancer treatment. 

Why Choose Us?

Galaxy Care Hospital is one of the best cancer hospitals in Pune, India. It boasts of having state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for cancer treatment. Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, the Medical Director of Galaxy Care Hospital, has been instrumental in making this hospital a premier destination for cancer treatment. He has led the way in developing innovative treatments, cancer surgical procedures that have been adopted by other hospitals across the world. His work has been recognized by various awards and accolades. With years of experience in cancer care, Dr. Shailesh and his team is always prepared to manage even high risk, complicated cancer cases. 

So, when you choose Galaxy Care Hospital for cancer treatment, you get the best oncologists, state-of-the-art facilities, advanced cancer care- all under one roof. Do not delay your cancer treatment after diagnosis. Come to Galaxy Care and consult Pune’s best Oncologists soon!

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