5 Diet Tips For Cancer Patients

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5 Diet Tips For Cancer Patients

It’s no secret that food plays an important role in our health, and this is especially true for cancer patients. Cancer has been linked to many different factors including genetics, lifestyle choices, environment, and other factors; however, it is also been proven that proper diet helps in cancer treatment. A recommended diet does not cure the disease but aids greatly in providing the body with the necessary nutrition during the treatment. So, here are 5 cancer diet tips from Galaxy Care Hospital, the best Cancer Hospital in Pune, for you to learn more about cancer diets.

Start eating a nutrition-rich diet before treatment

Getting the right nutrition is important for fighting cancer and staying healthy. Cancer patients must begin their diet before treatment to help their body stay nutrition-rich and strong during the treatment. They should increase their nuts, protein, fruits, vegetable intake before treatment in order to keep up with the nutritional demands of their body. This will also help them feel better and have more energy during treatments.

Adapt diet changes

Cancer patients must learn to adapt to the changing diet patterns
The appetite of cancer patients is very different from that of healthy people. The cancer treatment often leads to a loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue. These factors can make it difficult for the patient to maintain a healthy diet. The doctors usually recommend that their patients eat small portions frequently throughout the day instead of three large meals. They also recommend avoiding foods that are high in fat or sugar because these foods can lead to weight gain and increased risk of diabetes which will only worsen the health condition.

 Avoid certain foods

Cancer patients need to cut out specific foods for their bodies not to be overwhelmed by the disease and its treatment. They should avoid high-fat foods, refined sugar, and salt. They are also advised against coffee and alcohol. Tobacco is not recommended for cancer patients because it can cause heart disease and lung cancer.

Don’t follow a generalized diet

Cancer is a complex disease. The Diet of a cancer patient can affect the tumor size and growth rate of cancer cells. There are many different diets for cancer patients but none of them is proven to be 100% effective for every patient. This is because every individual’s body has a different way of coping with the disease. Some people might need to eat more protein, for example, while others will need more carbohydrates or fats. So, consult the best cancer dieticians in Pune for a balanced diet and avoid what people suggest based on random cancer myths.

A balanced diet is key!

Following a recommended diet will surely help you stay healthy enough to give cancer a tough fight. Although the type of fruits, vegetables can differ as per your body’s nutritional needs, there are some tips that every cancer patient can follow.

  • Eat at least three to four servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Balance your calories by eating small meals throughout the day.
  • Processed and packaged foods that are primarily high in fat and sodium are best avoided.
  • Make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  • Sodium-rich foods like papad, chutneys, pickles, salted popcorn should be avoided.

Galaxy Care Hospital, a renowned cancer hospital in Pune, is very careful about the diet of cancer patients. We know that treatment aided by a good diet can do wonders. We have the best oncologists in Pune and use advanced medical technologies for treatment. Our Dieticians have shared some valuable insights into the Cancer Diet. If you wish to understand foods and cancer in-depth, feel free to check our Diet Plan At Galaxy Care Section. We always care for our patients and encourage them to seek expert advice from cancer specialists and dieticians as soon as their cancer is detected. Diet is critical to your recovery and treatment process. The earlier you begin to make changes, the better.

If you are looking for the best oncologists to consult, we can help. Feel free to book your appointment with us!

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