What is Childhood Cancer?

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What is Childhood Cancer?

Cancer can happen to anyone, including children. Around 50,000 children are diagnosed with cancer in India every year. It’s about 1 child every 11 minutes. Childhood cancers are a diverse group of diseases that can be caused by genetics, environment, or lifestyle. These cancers are often curable if they are found early and treated properly.

The most common types of childhood cancers include leukaemias, brain cancers, lymphomas, and solid tumours. These different types of childhood cancer are often classified by the type of cell they start in. Leukemias, lymphomas, and brain cancers are often called “blood cancers” because they start in the blood cells. Solid tumours can occur anywhere in the body and include brain tumours, bone cancer, kidney cancer, and liver cancer.

The risk of developing second cancer later in life is also higher for children who have survived cancer. There are many different causes of childhood cancer, but it is not always clear what the cause is in each case. Childhood cancers tend to have short latency periods and often grow rapidly.


The symptoms vary from child to child, so it can be difficult to recognize the signs and symptoms of cancer. To timely detect childhood cancers, adults should be aware of the warning signs and symptoms. This will enable them to take immediate action and seek medical attention for their children in time. Consult the best Pediatric Oncologists in Pune.

  • A lump or swelling in the neck, armpit, or pelvis area.
  • A sore throat that lasts 3 weeks or longer.
  • A mouth sore that lasts more than 2 weeks.
  • A mole or birthmark that starts to change shape, colour, size, or feels like it’s getting bigger.
  • Unexplained bruises on the skin for no known reason.
  • Unusual bleeding from the nose and/or gums.
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Headaches and vomiting
  • Persistent pain or swelling in joints, leg, back.


The treatment of childhood cancer is a difficult and emotional process for the patients and their families. It is important to remember that the process can be different for each child depending on the type of cancer, age, and other factors. At Galaxy Care Hospital, the best cancer hospital in Pune has the following types of treatment options.

Surgery: It is a common treatment for children with cancer. Surgery is used to remove cancer from the body.

Chemotherapy: It is a treatment that uses certain drugs to kill cancer cells and stop them from growing or spreading.

Radiation Therapy: It is a treatment that uses high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and stop them from growing or spreading.

Immunotherapy: It is a treatment that uses medications, such as antibodies, to boost the body’s natural defenses against cancer cells.


Seeing your child suffering from cancer is painful. At the same time, it is a traumatic experience for the child. They do not understand the severity of cancer and managing it becomes more challenging. However, staying strong and focusing on timely treatment should be your goal. Consult the best Oncologist in Pune or a pediatric oncologist at the earliest. They can help you understand the severity, treatment options and lifestyle changes your child needs. Make sure you choose a cancer hospital in Pune or city to get comprehensive cancer treatment under one roof.

Galaxy CARE Hospital is here to cater for all the basic and advanced treatment needs of cancer patients. With state-of-the-art facilities, advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery, expert oncologists, we are here to help your child fight the battle against cancer. Get in touch to learn more about cancer treatment at Galaxy Care Hospital. We are in this together!

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