6 Myths And Facts About Breast Cancer

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6 Myths And Facts About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the most prevalent cancer forms. It accounts for around 25% to 31% of all cancers in women. Fortunately, it is one of the treatable forms of cancer. The breast cancer awareness campaigns have made women more aware of the early signs. Although there is more awareness now than before, there are still many breast cancer myths that people unknowingly believe. These wrong pieces of information can be fatal for patients suffering from it.

Galaxy Care Hospital understands cancer like no one else. We know how important it is to dispel the breast cancer myths and share facts. In this blog, we have examined the top 6 myths and shared the facts. Let’s check it out.


MYTH 1: I feel one lump in my breast. I have cancer!
FACT: Not every lump in your breast is cancer. Only a few lumps turn out to be cancerous. However, if you observe a recurring lump, lump in a new spot and changes in size, it could be a sign of cancer. Do not panic and consult the best Oncologist in Pune or your city. The doctor may order breast imaging studies to make sure if the lump is cancerous and recommend the appropriate treatment.

MYTH 2: You are safe if you do not have a family history of breast cancer.
FACT: Apparently, most people who suffer from breast cancer have no family history of it. Breast cancer is not limited or fully dependent on hereditary. Around 5-10% of people diagnosed with breast cancer have a history of it in their family. The reasons behind breast cancer are ambiguous. Health factors such as smoking, obesity, and alcohol drinking can amplify the risk of developing breast cancer. Also, not every woman in a family develops breast cancer. However, if your family has hereditary breast cancer, it is better to keep a regular check on yourself by self-examination and cancer screenings.

MYTH 3: Only women can get breast cancer.
FACT: This is one of the biggest misconceptions about breast cancer. Men can also suffer from breast cancer. They also have breast tissue, and their cancer can be detected as a hard lump beneath the areola and nipple. Unfortunately, the mortality rate is higher for men than women. Unawareness is the reason why men often ignore their breast lump and delay in seeking cancer treatment.

MYTH 4: Using deodorants and antiperspirants causes breast cancer.
FACT: Many people believe that harmful chemicals in such products get absorbed into the lymph nodes and amplify the breast cells, resulting in cancer. There is no conclusive evidence linking the usage of deodorants and antiperspirants with breast cancer. So far, it is safe to use deodorants and antiperspirants.

MYTH 5: Breast cancer only affects older women.
FACT: This myth is fueled because most of the breast cancer patients are women older than 50 years. However, it is not true. Young women and men can also develop cancer. The risk of getting this type of cancer increases with age. So, it is better for young and elderly people, especially women, to keep their breast health in check. Conduct self-examinations, pay attention to the early symptoms of breast cancer such as lump, mass, change in size and shape of the breasts, nipple discharge, inverted nipples, redness on the skin near the breast. Self-examination is not enough if you see such symptoms. Do not hesitate to consult the best breast cancer specialist in Pune or your city.

MYTH: People with a healthy lifestyle don’t need to worry about getting breast cancer.
FACT: A healthy lifestyle is the way of life. It is always good to consume less sugar, salt, maintain a balanced diet, reduce alcohol & tobacco consumption for overall health benefits. However, it can help lower the risk of breast cancer but cannot wholly prevent it. There is always a chance that a healthy person could develop breast cancer. Follow a healthy lifestyle and give your best to avoid this disease.

Spread The Word
The list of breast cancer myths is long. We hope this blog has burst the most common myths and shared the right information with you. Now, we request you to spread the word with people you care about. The battle with Breast Cancer can be won with awareness and early diagnosis. Galaxy Care Hospital is a pioneer and leader in laparoscopic and cancer surgeries. Our Medical Director ‘Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar’ and the team of doctors have treated thousands of cancer patients so far. We have the best Oncologists in Pune to help with the proper cancer diagnosis and treatment. Get in touch with our hospital today!

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