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Galaxy Care Hospital – A Blessing for the Patients

Blessed are those who are born as a human being on this earth. But, as it is rightly said that, you have to pay for your wrong deeds of the past.

Being an administrator of stage shows and Dramas, I have to constantly travel around Maharashtra. Due to this, I use to sometimes work for whole night, was not having a specific time for my lunch and dinner and over this I was addicted to tobacco.

The addiction continued and suddenly on 5th March 2016 in the morning, I found my jaw was swelling. I was scared and ran to the nearest ran to a Dentist for checkup. He realized that it was something serious and consulted another doctor. There I came to know that it’s because of Cancer. As soon as I heard the word ‘Cancer’, I started losing hope. The doctor recommended me to get a treatment from Galaxy Care Hospital.

When I went to that hospital, I found whole staff was having a smile on their face and making all the patients and their family members feel like home. Then came Dr. Shailesh Puntamberkar - man with a magic stick. He assured me that there is nothing to worry about. He pat my back and said, “Get admitted on Sunday, Monday will be your operation and on Tuesday you can go home. But, only if you promise me to quite your tobacco addiction.” And exactly the same happened. I was operated and Monday and on Tuesday I was all set to go home. As promised, I quite tobacco thereafter.

Thank you to the whole team of Galaxy care and Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar who made me realize the importance of living a disciplined and healthy life.