Laparoscopic Surgeries in Pune, India

Galaxy Care Hospital has been the pioneer and leader of laparoscopic surgeries in India. Today, we perform various minimally invasive surgeries, including laparoscopic gynae surgery. It is a laparoscopic procedure done to diagnose or treat the medical conditions associated with the female reproductive system. It helps to look inside the patients’ abdomen, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Lap gynae surgery is particularly used to cure infertility in females. Galaxy Care is known for the best laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in Pune. Our experienced team of laparoscopic cancer surgeons, laparoscopic surgeons for various diseases, advanced medical technology and state-of-the-art hospital infrastructure is an assurance of safe, successful laparoscopic surgery and speedy recovery.

Laparoscopy is commonly used in the following gynaecological diseases:

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Tubular ligation
  • Pelvic adhesions
  • Infertility
  • Fallopian tube dysfunction/ hydrosalpinx
  • Fallopian tube occlusion/blockage/damage

Laparoscopy is used to treat the following gynaecological cancers :

  • Cancer Cervix
  • Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer (in certain cases)
  • Cancer of Vagina
  • Cancer of Fallopian Tube
  • Hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus
  • Removal of fibroids
  • Blocking blood flow to fibroids
  • Removal of the ovariess
  • Removal of ovarian cysts
  • Endometrial tissue ablation, which is a treatment for endometriosis
  • Reversal of a contraceptive surgery- Tubal Ligation
  • Burch procedure for incontinence
  • Vault suspension for prolapsed uterus

Lap Gynaecological Procedures at Galaxy Care Hospital :

  • Lap Ovarian Cystectomy
  • Lap Endometriosis
  • Lap Surgery for Ectopic pregnancy
  • Lap Sacro Colpopexy