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A Moment Experienced by Dr Shailesh Puntambekar Turns Into Movie - Shwaas

Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar

The incident is just 12 years old. A sweet little boy came to me for a surgery. He was suffering from eye cancer. Actually, eye cancer is a very rare disease. So the only solution to save his life was compromising his eyesight. After the surgery, he was going to be blind for the lifetime. He was going to miss all that joy of seeing the beautiful things around him. In such a difficult situation, I left with no other option but operate the little boy which would result in his lost eyesight. On the basis of this, a Marathi movie titled 'Shwas' came.

A few days ago in Pune, A man came with his 8 months child in my hospital. Unfortunately, that 8 months child was suffering from eye cancer.

The same picture came in front of me as it was 12 years before. However, this time science and technology took the front seat. I did not want 'Shwas-2' and hence I searched and referred the patient to Dr. Santosh Harnawal from Hyderabad and there, with the help of laser treatment, the cancer tissues from his eyes were taken off. And his eyesight was saved. This was a real big achievement for medical science.

Thereafter, advanced technology has made it easier to perform cancer surgeries.

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