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Country’s First Womb Transplant a Success: Pune’s Galaxy Care Hospital

India's 1st Uterus Transplant Surgery

Doctor Shailesh Puntambekar said he and his team were euphoric after successfully conducting the country’s first uterus transplant in a day-long operation at Pune’s Galaxy Care Hospital.

“The first case always takes time and in the case of this 21-year-old girl who was born without a uterus, we had to recreate the blood supply before fitting the womb that was donated by her 41-year-old mother,” Puntambekar, who is the director of the hospital, told The Indian Express.

The mother decided to donate her uterus as her daughter was born without one. “What is the use of my uterus if it cannot help my daughter?” the mother had told the transplant team.

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