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India’s First Uterine Transplant - Woman to Get Her Mother’s Womb

Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar

India’s first uterus transplant will take place on May 18 at Pune’s Galaxy Care Hospital. 26 years old patient has been in and out of hospitals through her eight years of marriage. She has lost two babies after full-term pregnancies, has had four abortions and a scarred uterus. “Atlu sehen karyu che, have sano dar (I have gone through a lot and am no longer worried),” she says. Her 44-year-old mother adds, “Mara chokri ne balak thay bas etla mate operation che (I am doing this so that my daughter can have her own child).”

Another patient from Solapur will also undergo a uterus transplant at Galaxy Care Hospital on May 19. She was born without a uterus. Her mother said, “We thought it was a case of delayed menstruation. Six months after she got married, doctors told us she did not have a uterus. What is the use of my uterus? If I give it to my daughter, at least she can have her own child.”

Both the women were admitted to Galaxy hospital on May 9, and doctors are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the transplants are successful. “We have been planning the live donor uterine transplant for a year now,” Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar, Medical Director at Galaxy Care Hospital, said. He also added, “The infrastructure is in place at the hospital, our team has perfected the technique. The facilities were inspected by a government team that granted permission to conduct uterine transplant”.

Assisted by a 12-member team of gynaecologists, endocrinologists and IVF specialists, an entire floor of Galaxy Care hospital has been prepared for the transplant. The first three transplants will be conducted free of cost.

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