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Doctors Perform 2nd Womb Transplant within 24 hours

India's 1st Uterus Transplant Surgery

A day after the country's first womb transplant, a 24-year-old beautician from Vadodara underwent the second such surgery successfully at

Galaxy Care Hospital

here on Friday. The woman, who suffered from dysfunctional uterus due to its scarring, was fitted with her 45-year-old mother's womb that was retrieved mainly through keyhole surgery. The subsequent transplant of the uterus was done through open surgery "The surgery has gone off very well. We were more coordinated and tuned this time. Roth the recipient and donor are stable." said Oncosurgeon Dr. Shailesh Puritambekar, who carried out the transplant with cardiothoracic surgeon Sanjeev Jadhav and a team of 10 more doctors.


Jadhav, who is from Pune, has now become the world's fast surgeon to have performed transplants of the heart, lung, kidney and the uterus. "Thursday's surgery was more complicated because the patient did not have a uterus since birth. We had to create a cavity to fit in the donated uterus. The woman from Vadodara had a uterus, but it was dysfunctional. All we had to do is to takeout the diseased uterus and fit in the new one," Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar said. The woman had traumatic obstetric history ever since her marriage eight years ago. "She lost two babies after full-term pregnancies, had four abortions and a scarred uterus," said gynaecologist Milind Telang, part of the transplant team. The immediate success of the surgery will be assessed of three weeks following multiple Doppler and sonography studies.

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