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Galaxy Care Hospital from Pune made India’s First Womb Transplant a Success

India's 1st Uterus Transplant at Galaxy Care Hospital

India’s much awaited 1st womb transplant successfully performed at Pune’s Galaxy Care Hospital. This surgery was carried out on Thursday, 18th May. A woman was given her mother’s womb. Out of the three womb transplants that Galaxy Care Hospital had planned, the first was successfully performed by

Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar

and his team of 12 surgeons on Thursday.


The second will performed on Friday, 19th May and the third womb transplant will be performed in June. The first woman was born without the womb, the second woman is suffering from ‘Asherman’s Syndrome’ and already had two miscarriages and the third woman’s womb was taken out earlier due to cancer.

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