Your Stories

Prasad Mogre

Thank you for your call today morning and for your attention to detail. I am writing this mail to share our experiences with your hospital and words expressed by my family members. I believe that all good happenings should be engraved in stone. These events re-enforce belief and commitments in difficult times. I am using the modern technological stone available to me.

I start with saying the patient and patient relative experience was very unique and large hospitals should take a page out of your operations book to learn & improve themselves. I provide some examples.

For the tablets not available in the pharmacy, I was told that the hospital staff will source it from the medical shop outside. The sister on duty did not provide me the prescription and quoted that they are not allowed to do so. It will be obtained only by the support staff. I have never had such support provided to me ever before. Thus, I was available with Girija in her time of need rather than hunting for medicines in medical shops outside.

Every hospital boasts of courteous staff and doctors, my experience so far is limited to the doctors, resident doctors and maybe senior nursing staff there. At Galaxy, I speak about a soft spoken security personnel outside the OT/ICU on the first floor. He was very patient with all the relations present and also firmly maintaining order. He also urged all present to return to the room and they will be notified when they are needed to be present. A few senior ladies of another patient were waiting there for update, he directed them to the convenient seating near the stairs mentioning they should not be standing such extended periods.

The general staff was very sensitive to the patient needs and appreciate their efforts and dedication to their work.

Talking about Dr. Shailesh is me holding a candle to the sun, my parents never interacted with him, when he met Girija when she was back in the room, they were assured that their daughter-in-law was in safe hands just by his presence.

Smallest of the gestures go a long way to provide hope and strength, Girija was alone a few hours during prep in the ICU. We would like to thank Dr. Geetanjali for holding Girija’s hands when she was being led to the OT and reducing her anxiety with her soothing words.

I am sure there is no need for me to say, “Keep this up” it gives everyone hope during this difficult phase.

Thanking you,


Girija & Prasad Mogre

Prasad Mogre Pune Maharastra, India