Your Stories

Anisa M. Nadaf


Dear Dr. Puntambekar,

I first met with Dr. Puntambekar in March 2013. The first thing that I noticed when I met Dr.Puntambekar is that he was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

He also gave me the complete picture of how the surgery will be done and benefits of Key Whole surgery and what will be required of me after the surgery.

Just before the operation just his assurance that everything will go well put me at ease. After the operation when I was in the ICU he used to vist me in between his surgeries and looked after me with utmost care.

I can vouch for the through professionalism excellent surgical skills of Dr.Puntambekar and his approach to making the patient very comfortable.

I must also say that other doctors and staff who is working with Dr.Puntambekar is very good at their job.

Anisa M. Nadaf

Belgaum, India